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VQR Bookshelf

Books of reporting, memoir, fiction, and poetry that include work published in VQR



Gaiutra Bahadur, Coolie Woman: The Odyssey of Indenture (Chicago, 2014)
VQR (Spring 2011): Coolie Women Are in Demand Here

David Baker, Show Me Your Environment: Essays on Poetry, Poets, and Poems (Michigan, 2014)
VQR (Spring 2012): Song of Sanity

Will Boast, Epilogue (Liveright, 2014)
VQR (Winter 2014): Pain

David Caplan, Rhyme’s Challenge: Hip Hop, Poetry, and Contemporary Rhyming Culture (Oxford, 2014)
VQR (Spring 2012): The Art of Rhymed Insult

Julia Cooke, The Other Side of Paradise: Life in the New Cuba (Seal, 2014)
VQR (Spring 2014): Waiting for Exile
VQR (Spring 2013): Amigos: In Havana, the Line Between Source and Friend is Always Moving

William Ferris, The Storied South: Voices of Writers and Artists (North Carolina, 2013)
VQR (Fall 2013): A Map of Minds and Imagination: An Interview With Eudora Welty

Roxane Gay, Bad Feminist (Harper Perennial, 2014)
VQR (Fall 2012): Bad Feminist 

Leslie Jamison, The Empathy Exams (Graywolf, 2014)
VQR (Spring 2014): Grand Unified Theory of Female Pain

William Logan, Guilty Knowledge, Guilty Pleasure: The Dirty Art of Poetry (Columbia, 2014)
VQR (Spring 2012): Elizabeth Bishop at Summer Camp

Frances Mayes, Under Magnolia: A Southern Memoir (Crown, 2014)
VQR (Autumn 1988): Islands in Summer
VQR (Autumn 1989): 10,000 Rules to Live By

Audrey Niffenegger, Awake in the Dream World: The Art of Audrey Niffenegger (powerHouse, 2013)
VQR (Summer 2013): Awake in the Dream World

Brian Turner, My Life as a Foreign Country (Norton, 2014)
VQR (Fall 2011): My Life as a Foreign Country





Manuel Gonzales, The Miniature Wife and Other Stories (Riverhead, 2013)
VQR (Winter 2013): The Miniature Wife

Nicole Mary Kelby, The Pink Suit (Little, Brown, 2014)
VQR (Winter 2013): The Pink Suit

Elizabeth McCracken, Thunderstruck and Other Stories (Dial, 2014)
VQR (Spring 2014): Peter Elroy: A Documentary by Ian Casey

Kseniya Melnik, Snow in May: Stories (Henry Holt, 2014)
VQR (Fall 2011): Closed Fracture



Charles Bernstein, Recalculating (Chicago, 2013)
VQR (Spring 2012): Chimera

Dexter L. Booth, Scratching the Ghost (Graywolf, 2013)
VQR (Summer 2013): Queen Elizabeth

Victoria Chang, The Boss (McSweeneys, 2013)
VQR (Fall 2012): Edward Hopper’s New York Office
VQR (Fall 2012): [The boss would like to see us not in person but would like to see us]
VQR (Fall 2012): [We are high performers not normal not just performers but high ones we]

Katharine Coles, The Earth Is Not Flat (Red Hen, 2013)
VQR (Fall 2012): Sailing to Antarctica
VQR (Fall 2012): Tattoo
VQR (Fall 2012): The Human Mind Did Not Create the Ice
VQR (Fall 2012): Terra Lab
VQR (Fall 2012): Rumors of Topography

Erica Dawson, The Small Blades Hurt (Measure, 2013)
VQR (Spring 2012): Ideation X

Samuel Green, All That Might Be Done (Carnegie Mellon, 2014)
VQR (Spring 2013): My Mother, Fetching a Switch
VQR (Spring 2013): Shine
VQR (Spring 2013): Working with Hayden Carruth (1921-2008)

H. L. Hix, As Much As, If Not More Than (Etruscan, 2014)
VQR (Spring 2012): This Body a Sea
VQR (Spring 2012): These Underwatered
VQR (Summer 2012): About the Lakeshore

Andrew Hudgins, A Clown at Midnight (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2013)
VQR (Spring 2012): Our Wars
VQR (Spring 2012): Autumn’s Author

A. Van Jordan, The Cineaste (Norton, 2013)
VQR (Spring 2012): Blazing Saddles

David Lehman, New and Selected Poems (Scribner, 2013)
VQR (Spring 2012): Story of My Life

Hailey Leithauser, Swoop (Graywolf, 2013)
VQR (Summer 2013): From the Grandiloquent Dictionary: Metrophobia, Cuniculous, Tragematopolist

David Mason, Sea Salt: Poems of a Decade, 2004–2014 (Red Hen, 2014)
VQR (Spring 2013): The Soul Fox
VQR (Spring 2013): Chrismata

Greg Miller, The Sea Sleeps: New and Selected Poems (Paraclete Press, 2014)
VQR (Winter 2013): My Cousin’s Son
VQR (Winter 2013): Contra Artem
VQR (Winter 2013): In the Dora Maar House

Alan Shapiro, Reel to Reel (Chicago, 2014)
VQR (Spring 2012): Gravity
VQR (Spring 2012): In Winter

Kathryn Starbuck, Sex Perhaps (Sheep Meadow, 2014)
VQR (Summer 2012): Alone with Me

Tess Taylor, The Forage House (Red Hen, 2013)
VQR (Summer 2013): Virginia Pars 

Linda Stern Zisquit, Havoc: New and Selected Poems (Sheep Meadow, 2013)
VQR (Spring 2012): Ghazal: Slowness

Rachel Zucker, The Pedestrians (Wave, 2014)
VQR (Spring 2012): Two Kinds of Suffering