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1960. the Memory Cabinet of Mrs. K.

ISSUE:  Autumn 1988

Top Right Drawer
 Aspirin and pumice stone; emery board and
peach stone; hourglass, lost its sand; postcard
from Watkins Glen; piece of quartz; sequined belt;
red barrette; vermilion disc; a diary, January 8: saw
R skating, in the dark, a branch in an icy glove, that
line before, something breaking;
a white shoe buckle;
half-knit mitten.

Top Left Drawer
 Packet of pins with gold foil backing; six grosgrain
red, yellow, blue, pink, chartreuse, and candy-striped;
a reel of hem tape; a nail; envelope with
a negative (girl on a tire swing); plug on a brass-beaded
chain for a sink; five keys shaped like spades, diamonds,

Middle Drawer
 Hammer and picture wire; flowered pajamas;
dresser scarf; kimono, missing belt; velveteen sandals from
Panama; a squirt gun; detachable collar with lip-print;
postcard from the Poconos; pack of cards, a trivet made of
popsicle sticks.

Bottom Drawer
 Souvenir pillow from Watkins Glen; presser foot; zipper
foot; flywheel belt; an ink bottle, rubber stopper askew
(inside, a bevy of charred wings rising, over a black,
but moonlit, pond
); extension cord; box of bobbins; belt
for a blue kimono; diploma; certificate of perfect
four keys, clubs, spades, diamonds.


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