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Along This Sand

ISSUE:  Summer 1928

Deep roll the breakers where we run
  Along the sands,
And up the blue deep rolls the sun
  From sunny lands.

Only the sandpipers, down the beach,
  With us shall fly.
We solely hold this naked reach
  Of sea and sky.

Far out the combers burst in white
  Bare majesty,
And the great sun’s unmeasured light
  Burns fierce and free.

Time shall not give us deeper things
  To understand,
Nor any greater song than sings
  Along this sand.

O, we a while are fortunate
  Who comprehend
Unthinking stretches that await
  A thoughtless end.

Men have been here and men shall be,
  But we will hold
For ours alone this blaze of sea
  And day of gold,

Though men should be here everywhere
  When we are done
With racing naked in the air,
  And sea, and sun.

And in us always there will beat,
  Though secretly,
The windy rushing of free feet
  Beside a sea.


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