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Another Country

ISSUE:  Spring 1981

each beast tells his own story
this is my story to you
I have loved you seventeen years
and both of us are not young any more
we live in another country


we know two languages sun and moon
when sun speaks we come back to our bodies
we start a new journey
by nightfall it is always the same
we had to die a little to get there

when moon speaks we do not understand
but we recognize the words
they are old friends they tell us things
what we were called before we had names
the history of dreams the way home

come with me to another country
where sun and moon lie down together
our journey there is the only home we know
then I will turn to you
I will speak these words

when the dream of drowning
reaches your lips
and you cry out for rescue
I will hold you for free in my arms
made of nothing but water


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