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Art Spiegelman on the Mohammed Cartoon Controversy

PUBLISHED: February 25, 2006

Regular VQR contributor Art Spiegelman speaks with The Nation’s Sam Graham-Felsen and fellow artist Joe Sacco about the Mohammed cartoon controversy, via AlterNet.


Hank Moses's picture
Hank Moses · 17 years ago
Speaking of censorship, I want to hear about Spiegelman’s account of his “difficulties” with the New Yorker, which were touched on, but not elucidated, in an interview he gave to the Cville Weekly, here in Charlottesville, during The Festival Of The Book. Thanks.
John Carroll's picture
i would be interested to hear this too. i spoke wih Graphic novelist Ben Katchor, occassional New Yorker published illusrator, who told me the New Yorker wanted to tell hime what to do in a wy that went beyond suggestion. They wanted him to illustrate a story by soneone else and wanted to dictate some of the way it was illustrated and were not necessarily interested in his stories and pictures. He decided to go elswhere and now only published the occassional illustration for them. He says the result of this is a generally mediocere flavor to the magazine that was once greater.

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