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Link Roundup: Ware Animation and Happiness

PUBLISHED: May 21, 2009

1. Regular VQR contributor Chris Ware has created an animated work for This American Life, entitled “Quimby the Mouse.”

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2. Artist Robert Irwin was recently named UVA’s 2009 Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medalist in Architecture, and came here to give an hour-long talk about his work.

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Ren Weschler profiled Robert Irwin in our Spring 2008 issue.

3. Contributing Online Editor Jacob Silverman recently wrote a response to VQR contributor Tom Bissell’s remembrance of David Foster Wallace’s 2005 Kenyon College commencement speech in the New York Times, taking issue with the publisher of the speech-as-book, who Bissell explained had excised a reference to suicide in the speech. In a correction, the Times clarifies that only a single sentence was omitted, one that doesn’t change the meaning of the passage.

4. Harvard researchers have made some genuine progress into determining what makes for a good life, Joshua Wolf Shenk writes in a really brilliant article in the June 2009 Atlantic. A 72-year-long longitudinal study of 268 men has found that the strength and warmth of personal relationships is strongly correlated with happiness and well-being as one ages.

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