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A Social-Media Experiment in Nonfiction

PUBLISHED: December 7, 2015

#VQRTrueStory is a social-media experiment in nonfiction that delivers stories across platforms—from Instagram to the website to the magazine. Each week, a contributor takes over our Instagram feed, @vqreview, to post original dispatches that tell the stories behind the pictures. The dispatches are then published on our website as a complete essay. With each issue of VQR, we select a handful of dispatches from various contributors to include in the magazine’s #VQRTrueStory column. You can visit the #VQRTrueStory archive to read all the contributions so far. And be sure to follow @vqreview to keep up with the project as it unfolds.

Project Archive

Katherine E. Standefer in North Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Memory Wars
Emily Ding in Belfast, Ireland

Woe and Wonder
Joshua Wolf Shenk in Los Angeles, California

Will Boast in Serekkunda, Gambia

Walking Away
Julia Cooke in Tahiti, French Polynesia

Michael Snyder in Real de Catorce, Mexico

Under Pressure
Rianna Pauline Starheim in Jefferson, NY

Exile In White
Ruxandra Guidi in Los Angeles
Photographs by Bear Guerra

Ann Neumann in Brooklyn, NY
Photographs by Elizabeth Felicella

Backcountry Politics
Lois Parshley in US National Parks

The Other Chile (Cecilia and Patricia)
Angie Cruz in Santiago, Chile

Dreams of My Mother
Anna March in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Photographs by Cèdric Von Niederhäusern

Life Is Why
Rianna Pauline Starheim in Alexandria, Virginia

Take ‘Em Down
James McWilliams in New Orleans, Louisiana
Photographs by Julie Dermansky

Neon Havana
Joshua Jelly-Schapiro in Havana, Cuba
Photographs by Mirissa Neff

Dropping In
Bret Anthony Johnston in Desert Hot Springs, CA
Photographs by Bill Driver

Subway Rorschach
Neil Shea in Brooklyn, NY

No Republican Shall Inherit
Randy R. Potts in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Rainbow Weather in Kabul
Rianna Pauline Starheim in Kabul, Afghanistan

Starting Over
Ruxandra Guidi in Los Angeles
Photographs by Bear Guerra

Faith and Its Limits
Ann Neumann in Lancaster County, PA
Photographs by James Sprankle

We All Travel the Milky Way Together
Michael O. Snyder in California

Laura Kasinof in Germany
Photographs by Alex Potter

The Air Keeps It Interesting
Ryan Bradley in Los Angeles

Stony Island Story Problem
Lauren Berlant in Chicago
Art by Stephanie Brooks

To Write About A Hole
Jennifer Kabat in New York City

Saint Coltrane
Anisse Gross in San Francisco

An Audience with Wirathu
Sarah Khatry in Myanmar

In the Powder River Basin
Tom Haines in Wyoming

The Truths of Antarctica
Maggie Shipstead in Antarctica

On the Great Bear Sea
Luke Padgett in Canada’s Kitimat Fjords

On Henry Locke’s Wine Dark Sea
Gaiutra Bahadur in New York

Picturing the Pipeline
Holly Haworth in southwest Virginia

Resilience in East Timor
Jerry Redfern in Southeast Asia

Problem Solving at the MacDowell Colony
Danica Novgorodoff on five artists

His Faithful Servant
Randy R. Potts on LGBT life and Christian faith

In the Shadow of Olympus
Baynard Woods on polytheists in Greece

Jeff Sharlet in Dublin

The Last Days of High Bridge Arms
Lili Loofbourow on San Francisco’s last gun shop

Details From the Fogg Museum
Rachel Cohen on encounters at the Fogg Museum

Hope for Sale
Laura Kasinof on the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Lesotho

Jamie Alliotts on encounters on the streets of Manhattan

Vestiges of the Socialist Time
Julia Cooke in Mawlamyine, Burma

Lauren Markham on Central American migrants

Elemental India
Meera Subramanian on a changing India


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MP's picture
MP · 1 year ago

Loved Elemental India and Northbound - great idea to integrade image and written storytelling into one. Hope to see more of these stories that take us out of our rosy bubble and show us what world around is like. Maria


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