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Link Roundup: Orchids and Ammo

PUBLISHED: April 8, 2008

Garden & Gun – This magazine concept strikes me as very iffy.

The bloggers are dying – Obviously I’m not working hard enough.

Soap opera characters writing bestsellers – Kickass. Strikingly similar to my own life.

Guardian UK interview with Salman Rushdie – Padma, thank you for freeing up your husband for my superior snuggles and editorial comments.

The story of condoms – “Quite agitated. Put on condom; entered. Heart beat; fell. Quite sorry…”

The 40-year anniversary of Alexander Portnoy – “…Portnoy’s Complaint did for the Jewish mother what Jaws did for the shark: took an already frightening creature and made it even scarier.”

European eco-porn activists – Taking a sexy, irrelevant time machine back to the ’60s.


Waldo Jaquith's picture
Garden & Gun looks great. There’s a magazine for me.
Wistar's picture
First Puppies & Meth, now Garden & Gun. I feel like the magazine industry has been spying on my soul. By the way, I apologize to readers who have known of Garden & Gun since it made its debut last year. I suspect that all my easy jokes have already been made. But I can’t help it if my mom just received her first complimentary issue in the mail last week and I happened to get my hands on it.
Colin Steele's picture
We (Lynsie and I) just got a copy. I’m still scratching my head. We have neither garden nor gun, no horses, and we live in a circa 1960’s ranch house. Yet I’m secretly flattered. I’m still looking for the conversational segue into which I can squeeze “I just read in Garden in Gun that…”

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