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Pauline Chen reads at the VA Festival of the Book

PUBLISHED: March 23, 2007

Pauline ChenWe were pleased to host Pauline Chen, one of our favorite VQR contributors, yesterday for her reading as part of the Virginia Festival of the Book. Pauline read to a packed audience at the UVA Bookstore and we hope to have a podcast of her reading up within the next week. (To the right, Pauline poses with VQR editor Ted Genoways.) Later in the day, Pauline taped an interview with C-SPAN’s Booknotes BookTV and we’re told the interview should be broadcast in the coming weeks. Check their website for more info.

Pauline’s book Final Exam: A Surgeon’s Reflections on Mortality is doing extraordinarly well for a first book. It’s already made an appearance on the NYT Bestseller list and we hear it’s gone into its fifth printing. We love it when a talented and genuinely nice person gets the success they deserve!


Dr. Arthur's picture
Dr. Arthur · 17 years ago
Your article and Dr. Chen’s website are compllimentary and complementary. I have searched C-SPAN Booknote’s website for her interview and have not found it. Do you know if it has been broadcast, and if not, when it might be broadcast?
Kevin Morrissey's picture
Dr. Arthur – it appears that the interview hasn’t yet run on C-Span’s Book TV (my error that I originally wrote Booknotes) and we haven’t heard from them when it’s scheduled to run. Wish we had more info, but the best thing to do is occasionally check their website ( for updated schedules.

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