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Podcast: Interview with Dimiter Kenarov

PUBLISHED: May 6, 2009

VQR contributor Dimiter Kenarov visited us here in Charlottesville last week, and VQR editor Ted Genoways recorded a discussion with Dimiter about his article in our spring issue, “The Mask of Sanity: On the Trail of a Serial Killer in Macedonia,” about reporter Vlado Taneski, who was hot on the trail of a murderer in the small town of Kičevo when the unthinkable happened.


Spoiler warning: this interview gives away who the killer is—the mystery at the center of the article.

If you enjoyed “The Mask of Sanity,” you may also like “Chronicle of a Death Foretold: Georgi Stoev’s Gangster Pulp,” Dimiter’s account of the rise and fall of a Bulgarian mafia hit man turned tell-all author, which is the May 18 issue of The Nation.

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