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City Sky Line Painted on A Blind Eye

ISSUE:  Summer 1993
Just before November, young woman bending over,
mending you can’t see what.

Straight from the nuns, Catholic kid,
at a black sewing machine, old fashioned kind.

Blind crow pecking path-edge for star crumbs
the children dropped before they disappeared.

To her right, on an invisible trellis of metal
the silk flower of a wedding gown rises out of season

waiting to be altered next. What you see
as you pass the tiny shop: a full-length skeleton-

Halloween paper crimped into accurate bone-suspended
just over the bridal gown as if waiting to descend

into the shimmering dress though who can say
which sex this fleshless thing is. Below, the girl

stops to suck a bloody finger, just the one
you’d use to point out the way to any lost stranger.


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