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From Darkness

ISSUE:  Spring 1981
I called you
from darkness
Silence, breeze
lifting the curtain
to a warm sky
A star burned
A star faded
A star died

I called you
I called you
My whole being
held in my hands
like a bowl of milk
The moon glanced blue
on the panes

Sad music
rose like smoke
from the city of crickets
glimmering like smoke
on the windows

Someone sighed
from my breast
all night
Someone arose
Someone wanting you
Someone thrust down again
by two icy hands

All night sadness
dropping from
the black boughs

Someone made helpless
Someone calling you
The air caving in on him
like a roof

* * * * *

My little tree
was in love with wind
homeless rain

Translated from the Persian by Jascha Kessler with Amin Banani


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