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From Days

ISSUE:  Summer 1997

and then again back
in it witness
serendipitous atoms drip
& cripple the im
perceptible ache of it
jack she took her
life a parent’s love
called a darkening
of the heart emily to
susan avalanche or avenue


with each definition of
ouch this is the burden
of thought to feel but
not go anywhere to make
a temple in the ear
here amidst the infinitely nuanced
beings and there where monk
makes (and lets be silent)
exact & infinitely variable particulars
of human specific rhythmic insistence


we addicts of
intensity we see
& the angel
she has
the actual mouth
piece of the trumpet
in her mouth
& we hear blast
by blast until
we are broken down


this is the vista
there are words
voluptuous as the flesh
write read roll
around the mouth
breath tongue touch
imagined hands entwine
a kiss upon the lips &
one upon the eyes
mouth about the opening


this interval i
give to you
words hold if
condition of lips
& breath tangible
as circumstance
permits will you
will you take them
up & hear
i am here


the singular
if it is
if she is
sings out
& yes singes
& is
behest to
together to move among
renewing everyone


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