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Do It Yourself Nativity

ISSUE:  Summer 1997

The evening drizzle leaks
under the 1 X 2’s. Her blue parka
zipped under blue robes.
She wipes mud from the doll’s
eye, turns her back
on the feckless sheep
and knee-high steer.

How did some chicken
cross the road?—That
and its thousand variants—
are the Joseph’s pastimes.
Until Hark the Herald
ends in a power shutdown.

The sky starless; sun-up
a long way east across
the hilarious highway.
Joe, in thermal socks, drifts
off. Push the baby’s cry button.
Let it cry without her.

She’ll have herself a good run
toward what’s left of the lights.
Nearing the outage, which later
she’ll mispronounce as outrage,
she slows for a bird carcass
on the blacktop. Supremely busy,
huge ants dismantle it. One by one
tiny feathers cross the road.


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