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Epilogue in Heaven

ISSUE:  Spring 1931

God, they go—
The man and woman dedicate to you—
Out of the Paradise they thought they knew Into a world that they will never know.
“You let them eat,
Who could have held their too inquiring hand.
How will your mute creation understand The dark intent behind the cryptic cheat?
“Biter is bit.
But is the judgment fair? Although they ate Of wisdom’s fruit till they were satiate,
What wisdom have they now? What benefit?”
Then God replied:
“You are the first; you will not be the last
To cry out Heaven’s injustice.
What has placed
Justice before my, mercy? Is it pride?
“I let them err
Since law is law, though lesser than my love.
Their little sufferings will be enough.
But curse them with our wisdom?—Lucifer!”


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