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Kerry Mansfield’s Notes to Self

Sea Change

The coast near Sea Ranch, a community in Sonoma County, California, has a kind of primordial majesty to it: a verdant shoreline where cliffs high and low drop into a rushing surf. For the past couple of years, photographer Kerry Mansfield has been fastidiously documenting this place, revisiting different points along a ten-mile path and capturing its topographical variations over time. It began simply enough: a long walk, an iPhone, irresistible vistas, moments of the Pacific smacking the ragged outcroppings of the continent—the grandiosity of nature.

“I fell madly—I mean crazily—in love with it. I went up there for about two and a half months and lived in an empty house we were renovating. I had made this one long map—a string map with just iPhone photos, just to have a visual reference—because I was hell-bent on getting back to certain spots I wanted to shoot with a real camera.”

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