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An Exemplar

ISSUE:  Spring 1929

Raoul de Laudonniere Lay dead;
Four candles burned
At feet and head;
A fearless man
To do and dare Was staunch Raoul De Laudonniere.
He fought and flayed
The paynim Turk;
He hewed the Hun
In mud and murk,
In combat never
Shirked his share,
Valiant Raoul
De Laudonniere.
When he and his
Last enemy Met face to face,
“En garde!” said he;
But swift Death caught him
The bold Raoul
De Laudonniere.
If we should meet
The final foe As did this hero
Long ago,
Our end, like his,
How brave, how fair—
Gallant Raoul
De Laudonniere!


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