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Family Scene

ISSUE:  Winter 2008

Mammá’s at her knitting
The son’s at his war
No need to ask herself what for
It’s only fitting thinks mammá
And papá what’s he at what’s he at papá?
Papá’s at his business good bourgeois
His wife’s at her knitting
His son’s at his war
And he’s at his business nothing more
No need to ask himself what for
It’s only fitting thinks papá
And son thinks what does son think … Think? Bah!
Son doesn’t think … Mammá’s at her knitting
Papá’s at his business son’s at his war etcetera etcetera
And when his war’s done
He’ll go into business with papá
But war keeps on mammá keeps at her knitting
Papá keeps at his business like before
The son gets killed does nothing more
Papá mammá go graveyard-sitting
No need to ask themselves what for?
It’s only proper only fitting
And life keeps on life with its war life with its knitting
Business and knitting business and war
Business and business little more
Business and life and graveyard-sitting.


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