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ISSUE:  Autumn 1939

Paul Valcry, a Frenchman, is one of the most influential and distinguished of living poets and critics. Among other writings are his “Charmcs,” poetry, and “Varietes,” criticism. Harcourt, Brace have just issued a second series of “Variety” in English. We have the honor to present “Two Poems” in the original French and in an English version done in the ofiiccs of the Virginia Quarterly Review.

Maury Maverick, a Texan from San Antonio, has distinguished himself by fighting in the World War, in Congress, in the South—always on the side of progressive democratic reform.. His “Let’s Join the United States” should increase the literary distinction which has attached to his name since the appearance of “A Maverick American.”

Virginius F. Coe is assistant professor of Political Economy at the University of Toronto. He is a Virginian, educated at Chicago and at Johns Hopkins. He has done research with the Brookings Institute and with the United States Treasury. His “Stresses and Strains in Cnnada” is his first contribution to the Quarterly.

Marya Zaturenska, David McCord, and J. Patrick Byrne contribute three lyrics. Wife of Horace Gregory, Marya Zaturenska is the author of two volumes of poetry. “Cold Morning Sky,” the most recent, won a Pulitzer award. Her work is published by Macmillan. . . , David McCord is the

author of several books of poetry, including “The Crows.” Scribner’s is to issue another collection soon. . . . J. Patrick Byrne sends his lyric, “Disinherited,” from Eire. He has published in English and Irish magazines. This is his first appearance in America.

Fern and Baldevspcrger, distinguished writer, teacher, lecturer, and translator, is now the head of the Department of Comparative Literature at Harvard. An authority on Balzac, he has written important work on that writer, on Goethe, and on Vigny. He writes for this number “Balzac at the Paris Zoo.” . . . The English translation is by Howard Crosby Rice, instructor in French at Harvard and author of “Crevccrrur,” “Rudynrd Kipling in New England,” and other work.

John P. Peters, a member of the Yale Faculty of Medicine, is secretary of the Committee of Physicians for the Improvement of Medical Care. He is the author of “Quantitative Clinical Chemistry” and other professional works. “Medicine and the Public” is his first writing for the Virginia Quarterly Review.

THE reviewers for this issue: James Southall Wilson, first editor of the Virginia Quarterly Review, is now Dean of Graduate Studies at the University of Virginia, editor and author of work on Poe, lecturer on the modern novel. . . . E. II. Norman, former student, at Harvard-Yenching Institute, of Far-Eastern history and languages, is now working in the Pacific Council of the Institute of Pacific Relations. . …James C. Hardin,

translator, explorer of Mayan ruins and language, professor of Spanish, is a Latin-American specialist. . . . Julian P. Boyd, editor and librarian of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, author of historical work, is joint author with Carl Van Doren of a forthcoming additional work on Benjamin Franklin. . . . Wilbur L, Schramm, editor of the experimental magazine, American Prefaces, author of several books on writing and on American literature, is now assistant professor of English at the University of Iowa. . . . StriiujfeUow Barr, President of St. John’s College”, is the author of “Mazzini” and other works,

and former editor of the Quarterly. . . . Richard liherhart, an American poet whose first appearance in book form was in England, was recently published in his native country by Oxford University Press, with “Reading the Spirit.” . . . R. K. Ciooch, professor of Political Science, author of many professional works, among which is “The, Government of England,” is a frequent contributor to the Quarterly. . . . D’Klbcrt Kcenan is a member of the French faculty of New York University, and his special field is the nineteenth century and contemporary French literature. . . . and Charles 7’. Harrison, educated at the University of Alabama and at Harvard, is now associate professor of English at the College of William and Mary. His specialty is the seventeenth century.


Edited by Lawrence Lee JVilliam Jay Gold, Managing Editor Advisory Hoard

John Calvin Met calk  James Southall Wilson

Garrard Glenn  Cahholl Mason Sparrow

Handy C. Dillard  Auciiihald 1$. Shici’I’ehson

Ashley G. Davis, Secretary

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