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The Green-Room

ISSUE:  Winter 1943

sity. He has worked in the field of Latin American affairs since he came out of the army after the last war. Since then he has written or edited more than twenty books and his monographs and articles on Latin America number about three hundred. In addition, he is a prolific reviewer and edits three periodicals dealing with Latin America. Graham Stuart has written widely on the subjects of international relations and Latin America. Professor of political science at Stanford University, he has lectured at many American universities and has also served as visiting Carnegie lecturer at the Universities of Toulouse, Poitiers, and Montpelier. In 1941 he made a tour of observation and study of the principal countries of South America at the invitation of the Carnegie

Endowment of International Peace. DEJ tkr Perkins is chairman of the department! of history at the University of Rochester and author of a number of books on the Monroe Doctrine. During the last war he served in the infantry as first lieutenant and then as captain, and after the war, from February to June, 1919, he worked in connection with the Peace Conference, The Editor of the Virginia Quarterly Review, Archibald Rolling Shepperson, entered the national service in September, HH2, as a Lieutenant in the United States Naval Reserve. Three of the Advisory Editors of the Quarterly have also entered into war service. With this issue Charlotte Kohler, as Managing Editor, assumed the direction of the magazine with the assistance of the editorial board.


Charlotte Kohler, Managing Editor

Advisory Editors

James Southall Wii.sox  Jonx Calvix Metcali-

Garrard Glexx  Thomas Perkixs Aherxethv

In the national service Archibald Hollixo Sheim »er «ox  Hardy C. Dillard

R. K. Goocn  Fraxk A. Geldard

Ashley G. Davis. Secretary j

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editorial and publication- omens: oxk west raxoe, Charlottesville, vmoixia i


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