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The Green-Room

ISSUE:  Summer 1927

a Study in Victorian Alchemy” deals somewhat ironically with one Mr. Joseph Temple, lives in Kentucky.

Biographer of Daniel c. Gilman, author of several other books of which “Cost of Living” and “Plain Talks on Economics” are representative, Fabian Franklin has been also editor on the New York Evening Post and The Independent. He is perhaps most widely known to our readers as the contributor of independent and forceful papers on public questions to the leading American reviews. In “The Spirit of Liberty” Mr. Franklin follows up the lead of an earlier article of his own.

Two of the poets of this number are familiar contributors to The Virginia Quarterly. Anne Blackwell Payne of North Carolina is at present living in New York. Babette Deutsch has recently appeared in a new role. She has published two new books: her novel “In Such a Night” (John Day. $2.00) and “When Scythia Sings: an Anthology of Russian Poetry,” (International Pub. $2.50) on which she worked with her husband, Avrahm Yarmolin-sky. His “Turgenev” (Century. $4.00) was a feature of last fall’s book-list.

From Finstock House in Oxfordshire came the “Hymn to Demeter” of William Force Stead. Though Mr. Stead is the author of several books of verse, published in England, and publishes chiefly in the literary journals of that country, he is an American and a University of Virginia man. Poems of his have been chosen for “The Best Poems” series of both T. Moult and L. A. G. Strong.

In the January number Judge Pierre Crabites of the Mixed Tribunals, Cairo, Egypt, discussed “The Anglo-Egyptian Controversy.” In lighter vein he asks and answers the question “Had an Egyptian Mummy greater rights than has a modern American woman?” in the article


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