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The Green-Room

ISSUE:  Summer 1926

native of Alabama, was educated in Virginia, and is now an editor in New York. His work has appeared recently in nearly all of the literary magazines of the United States. Loretta Roche., whose crisp and individual manner is new to The Virginia Quarterly, writes from Lyme, Connecticut. Virginia is the home of Leigh Buckxer Hanes. Until these verses came to the Virginia Quarterly his work was not known to the editor.

In the last number of The Quarterly there was published, for the first time outside of Russia, a group of letters by Dostoevsky, giving his own interpretation of “The Brothers Karamasov.” They were translated and edited by Mr. S. S. Koteliansky, distinguished as an author, collaborator and translator. In the present number Mr. Koteliansky presents a second group of letters. Three of these give a very human revelation of the man Dostoevsky, and two of them tell of his innermost convictions regarding “The Possessed” and “The Journal of an Author.”

From the files of old newspapers, Caroline E. Vose has constructed a pleasant picture of Jefferson Davis on the eve of the War between the States enjoying the hospitable courtesies of New England. Miss Vose is a contributor to the North American Review and other periodicals and is a citizen of that “far north” which entertained the subject of her paper.

The July Virginia Quarterly carried a paper by Archibald Rutledge, entitled “In the Santee Swamp.” That delightful hunting sketch was the subject of many letters to the author and the editor. In “A Drowned Delta” Mr. Rutledge draws an animated picture of the Santee Swamp when the floods reveal its hidden wild life. Though Mr. Rutledge is a teacher of English literature in Pennsylvania, he is a native of the region of which he


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