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The Green-Room

ISSUE:  Summer 1925

worked editorially on several magazines and recently poems of his have appeared in various publications. While he was yet an undergraduate at the University of Virginia, his verse

drew attention to his distinctive poetic gifts.

Walter Pach, who presents the claims of his fellow-artist, John Sloan, is widely known as a writer on art. His books include “The Masters of Modern Art” (Huebsch), “Georges Seurat” (Duffield), a translation of Elie Faure’s “History of Art” (Harper) and others. He is a painter and etcher, represented in the Metropolitan Museum and

other public and private galleries.

G. R. Elliott, the writer of the discriminating study of humor in Robert Frost’s poetry, is professor of English literature in Bowdoin College. Mr. Elliott published an interesting paper “Gentle Shades of Longfellow” in the April number of the Southwest Review.

Among the poets of this number, Katharine Lee Bates is recognized as a writer of exquisite grace. She will be remembered as the writer of “America the Beautiful and Other Poems” and of many other volumes of poetry. Miss Bates is professor of English at Wellesley College. John Hall Wheelock is among the best of present day American poets. His first book, “The Human Fantasy” in 1911 was immediately acclaimed as the work of a genuine lyricist. Since then he has published “The Beloved Adventure,” “Love and Liberation,” “Dust and Light” and “Black

Panther.” Anne Blackwell Payne wrote the editor in submitting her poem, “Released”: “I am a North Carolinian, studying at Columbia—and wishing and working to be a good poet.” It was from California that “Rain” came

to us from Theodore Maynard who is now professor of

English Literature in Dominican College of San Rafsel. Born in Madras, India, he has published his books of poetry and essays first in England. L. Frank Tookkr, the associate editor of The Century Magazine, and a member of the


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