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The Green-Room

ISSUE:  Winter 1926

The poems of Lawrence Lee have already made his name familiar to readers of the Quarterly.—and of many other magazines as well.

The facetious essayist of this issue is Vincent Starrett of Chicago, who is best known as a poet. His several published volumes of prose include studies of Arthur Machen and Ambrose Bierce.

Deirdre O’Shea, the author of the study of “A. E.” (George William Russell, the Irish poet and statesman) is a young friend of Russell’s and of James Stephens’, living now in New York.

“April Fire” was read by Mr. MacKaye in Concord, Massachusetts, on the 150th anniversary of the Concord fight of April 19, 1775, held on April 20, 1925. Percy MacKaye belongs in the tradition of Lowell and Emerson whose names are linked with similar occasions at Concord. He is scarcely better known as a dramatist than as a poet. At present he is at work at his boyhood home at Shirley Center, Massachusetts, upon a life of his father, Steele MacKaye, the American dramatist.

Virginia Lyne Tunstall (Mrs. Robert B. Tunstall) is associate editor of The Lyric. Her poetry has appeared in many American magazines. Theodore Maynard was well-known as a poet and essayist before he came to America. Since the publication of “Rain” in the July Virginia Quarterly, Mr. Maynard has removed from California to New York.

Few novels published in the United States have attracted more attention than did “The Quick or the Dead.” Its author Amelie Rives, The Princess Troubetzkoy, has of recent years been interested in the drama and poetry. Arrangements are being made now for the production in New York next autumn of her new play “Bel-Phcebe”, based on the life of the young Queen Elizabeth. “Out of the Midst


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