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The Green Room

ISSUE:  Autumn 1925

tacular “tracking down” of “Kit” Marlowe’s murderer by J. Leslie Hotson of Harvard.

The author of “The Dilemma of Democracy in the United States” has lived in three interesting American commonwealths and has been an active participant in the public affairs of his time. Back of his political ideas, however, lie years of discriminating investigation in American history, which have led to the writing of many historical studies. A native of North Carolina and for eight years a citizen of Virginia, William E. Dodd, is now professor of American history at the University of Chicago. Among his books are lives of Woodrow Wilson and of Jefferson Davis.

George t. w. Patrick, professor in the University of Iowa, is widely known as a contributor to philosophical and psychological journals. He is author of many books including “The Psychology of Relaxation.” In sending his paper “Mind Emergent” to the Virginia Quarterly, Mr. Patrick wrote, “I have tried to answer the question, “What is mind?”

Virginia Woodward Cloud of Baltimore, is a contributor to most of the better magazines and well-known for her poetry. Charles Wharton Stork, long editor of Contemporary Verse, is himself a poet of recognized gifts. Virginia McCormick (Mrs. J. Jett McCormick) is editor of “The Lyric,” one of the most distinctive of the poetry magazines. She has been one of the leaders in the Poetry Club of Norfolk and was last year president of The Poetry Society of Virginia, Her latest volume is “Voices of the Wind.” Benjamin Sledd, author of “Watchers of the Hearth” and other volumes of verse, is a native of Virginia. His influence as an interpreter of literature at. Wake Forest College in North Carolina has been one of the most potent factors in the development of a group of younger writers in the South. He himself has chronicled the poig


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