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The Green-Room

ISSUE:  Autumn 1944

Andre Breton . . . Besides, I am writing a sort of ‘Confcssio Poetae,’ of which ‘Trick Perspectives’ is one chapter.”

“Mellimelli” is the by-product of a book which Louis B. Wright and Julia H. Macleod hnvc just completed, dealing with the life and career of William Eaton, the first American Consul at Tunis and leader of a spectacular expedition which captured the city of Dcma in 1805. This was the first American campaign in North Africa.

Mr. Wright is a research professor and member of the permanent research staff of the Huntington Library. He was formerly a member of the faculty of the University of North Carolina and of Johns Hopkins University. Among the books that he has written are “Middle-Class Culture in Elizabethan England,” “The First Gentleman of Virginia,” and “Religion and Empire, IS38-1(525.” He has also edited, in collaboration with Marion Tinling, “The Secret Diary of William Byrd of Wcstovcr, 1707-1712.” Mrs. Macleod is a graduate of the University of California and a member of the department of manuscripts in the Huntington Library. An article by her on Thomas Jefferson and the American Navy will shortly appear in the Huntington Library Quarterly.

Geoiig ScmvAiiZENHEiinER is a lecturer in international law and relations at University College, London, and editor of the London Quarterly of World Affairs. He is the author of several books on international law, including “Power Politics,” 1941, and “International Law and Totalitarian Lawlessness,” 1943.

The Virginia Quarterly is honored to present a review of recent books on Woodrow Wilson by Josephus Daniels, “As to myself,” he writes, “I am like Jefferson in one particular. He wrote of himself in 1793: ‘When I first entered on the state of public life, I came to a resolution never . . . to wear any other character than that of a farmer.’ I have never been anything but an editor, beginning with an amateur paper as a school-boy, and was editor of a country weekly, the Wilson (N. C.) Advance, when eighteen. In 1885, I succeeded

Walter Mines Page as editor of the weekly State Chronicle at Raleigh. In 189i I bought the daily News and Observer, and have edited it since that time. I had two leaves from journalism, or so-called leave). One was for eight years as Secretary of tie Navy in Wilson’s Cabinet, when I called myself ‘managing editor of the Navy’; the second was for nearly nine yearj as Ambassador to Mexico. I called myself ‘Special Diplomatic Correspondent tim Mexico to the Roosevelt Administration. Mn. Daniels is the author of several books, including a “Life of Woodrow Wilson,” 1924, “Tar Heel Editor,” 1939, and “Editor in Politics,” 1910. His new book. “The Wilson Era,” will apnea early in October.

Clark M. EiciiELiiKnoEn has been national director of the League of Nt-tions Association since 1934 and director of the Commission to Study the Organization of the Peace since 1939. In 1911 he was acting chairman of the Committee to Defend America by Aiding the Alliei and director of the International Fret World Association.

Since the outbreak of war, Paul Scin? HEiiT has made over 900 broadcasts m naval, military, and war-political develop ments. He graduated from the U, S Naval Academy in 1920, spent the neri five years at sea, and resigned to becont a writer. He is the author of eight booh including “Sea Power in Conflict” at “Death of a Fleet.” and of numeroo magnzine articles.

In ordinary times A. Whitney G «fr wold is Associate Professor of Govert ment and International Relations at Yak University, but at present he is DireetH of Foreign Area Studies and of the Cirl Affairs Training School at that same w versity. He has published articles « modern Germany, on seapower, and ci our Far Eastern policy, and is the auth* of “The Far Eastern Policy of the Uniltf States,” 1938. Carol Ba’che is the* thor of “Paradox Isle,” an nnflly* Japan based on her experience durfe fourteen years of residence in that con* try. Her work at present, for one oft* war organizations, is connected with po* war reconstruction in Japan. 5j Thomas C. Cochran is professor of history at New York University, Secretary-Treasurer of the Economic History Association, and co-author with William Miller of “The Age of Enterprise,” 1942. C. Herman Pritchett spent four years with the T. V. A. from 1934 to 1938. He teaches political science at the University of Chicago and is continuing research on public enterprise and on division of opinion among Supreme Court justices.

After more than two years as Cultural Relations Officer in Bogota, Colombia, Herschel Brickeli, is now in Washington as Assistant Chief of tbe Division of Cultural Co-operation in Charge of Exchange of Persons and Liaison. Mr. Brickeli. is editor of the 0. Henry

Memorial Prize Short’Story volume and has just completed, with A. J. Videla j translation of Ricardo Rojas’ life 0j San Martin, to be published this autumn as “San Martin: Knight of the Andes,” Maxwell Geismar is the author of “Writers in Crisis,” which dealt with the American novel between the two world wars. The book on which he is no* working deals with the period between 1910 and 1930 primarily and includes Sherwood Anderson, Sinclair Lewis, Ellen Glasgow, Dreiser, Scott Fitzgerald, and Mencken as the philosopher of the period. Garrard Glenn is professor ol law at tbe University of Virginia and an advisory editor of the Virginia Quarterly Review.


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