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The Horses Coming Up Behind

ISSUE:  Spring 2004

Have you noticed the horses galloping past us?
Perhaps they are horses with no riders at all.
Perhaps they are riders who have turned into horses.

A world without horses coming up behind us
Seems absurd to me now. Ride faster!
Why did I let so many centuries go by?

You know how difficult it is to achieve these days
A human body at birth! Don’t lose this chance!
Clamp your legs tight against the saddle.

You’ve given me a bridle and a saddle and a horse
That can go on for miles. But it’s always possible
That I am the rider destined to lose the race.

It doesn’t matter now. We don’t care whether
Romeo and Juliet actually find their tomb or not,
Because there is so much joy in losing the race.

So many good riders have already run this course!
Look at all these riders on fast horses
Going by with their thin cheekbones in the night!


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