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I Have a Need for Fear

ISSUE:  Winter 1926

Father and Shepherd, hide Thyself, awhile:
Long have I known Thee as a gentle God.
Close Thy green pastures; Thy still waters, stir;
And take Thy staff and rod.

Loose me a little from Thy leniency:
Burn in a bush, Oh, holy and austere;
Lift waves and wind, and let Thy comets speak;
I have a need of fear.

Rear Thy grey clouds like giant leaden pipes,
And touch not lightly on celestial keys:
Startle my ears, let heavenly organs play
Apalling harmonies.

Write upon space in sudden, dazzling script,
Words that I cannot read nor understand;
Then, awed, I’ll walk my quiet paths again;
Shaken, I’ll take Thy hand.


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