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Idea for An Echo

ISSUE:  Winter 2002
you go there without      looking a road split
into the deer’s skull      reverses the Russian olives’ leaves
you recognize inside      your body, any body
trash wind-thrown      against the chain link fence
laughter released      into your head
camouflaged as thin air      the mountain lichenized
something’s piss into      half fish half house half running
child on a cliff spreads      slantwise from shallow holdfast
the faithless shrub      grows out of sheer rock and crack
only snatches of shade      that take up the map of flowing
and a love of difficulty      grows as deep
as the height of the cliff      which depends on the bird who lives there
What does laughter      look like when it’s entered your body?
you thought water      curling under ice would be safe
Where will you hide      his voice?
When does he      light your ear?
breath pushes the face      before you into two and you think
one of them      one of them


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