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Incidence of Flight

ISSUE:  Spring 1975

I spring joy out of my rib cage
Like a flash of pigeons flying North
South here in Mississippi, Florida,

I insist on the aspiring eye,
Try as time does to cast it down,
Cast up the eye, birds their blue nature

Transfer through the air from the soul
Whole in its ambiguous essence
From one place to another

Without waste, we follow them
Ten times higher for their flight
Because we dream the same dream

Teeming in space out of our rib cage,
Age shall not deter us, nor walking stale
Flying, we are going up high in joy

On blue air, as if birds were the spirit,
Man was meant to walk, but meant to fly
Joyful as pigeons full of the grace of space

And if we have joy we have love
Above all else. Flare up, love in the heart
Part of flying, spring joy in Mississippi, in Florida,

It is a tale bold as an ideogram,
Conclamant wings heading North
Forth away. Joy uncages man to love.


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