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Light Interval

ISSUE:  Winter 1936

Enquiring fields, courtesies
And tribulations of the air—
Be still and give them peace:

The girl in her gold hair
With her young man in clover
In shadow of the day’s glare

And there they were by the river
Where a leaf’s light interval
Ringed the deep hurrying mirror;

Yet naught there to befall
Such meditations as beguile
Courage when love grows tall,

For tall he was in green style
Of a willow shaking the pool.
“Let time be quiet as a mile,”

He said. “Time is love’s fool.”
Yet time he would appease:
“Time, be easy and cool.”

The enquiring courtesies
Of first dusk then debated
To cloud their agonies;

She, her head back, waited
Barbarous the stalking tide;
He, nor balked nor sated

But plunged into the wide
Area of mental ire,
Lay at her wandering side.


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