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ISSUE:  Autumn 2002

The boy looks into the monitor and wishes it was a real window.
So safe, the way it shows the approaching planet.


Below him, another boy looks out his window and wishes he could
 change channels.
So sad, the car that just drove away in the rain.

In the living room his mother looks at the television and wishes it
 would tell the truth.
So weird, what all the other viewers want.

In the television studio the actor wishes he was working with a
 different cameraman.
So stupid, pouring out your soul for someone you hate.

In the actor’s brain, a boy presses the launch button before his
 parents are on board.
So what, the robots will take care of him.

In space, the Sun looks at the Earth but doesn’t see anything.
So hot, the Earth feels the Sun’s gaze.

People walk down the street in the rain and see a boy looking out
 a window.
So many people, but all of them see the same thing.

In time, a man remembers his mother looking longingly at him.
So real, but she is memory and cannot see.

The robots point cameras at the planet from many different
 angles, with different filters.
So to please, so to distract the boy.

The actor holds himself errect, looks upward to express emotion.
So his neck stays taut, boyish-looking.


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