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ISSUE:  Summer 1927

Sun on the lichens and berries
Fog on the sea.
Wild plum and red choke cherries
Silver birch tree.
Gleaming above the bunch berries
Fog on the sea.

Sun and the shrilling of crickets
Bumble of bee—
White-throats in green alder thickets,
“Wheat, Peverly.”
Sun on the juniper thickets,
Fog on the sea.

Fog and the shadowy drifting
Of one gray sail,
Fog softly muffling and shifting
Loose as a veil,
Fog slowly waving and lifting
On the sloop’s trail.

Only a gray breaker heaving
Out of the gray
Only a gray sea-gull leaving
Rocks dark with spray.
Oniy a lonely bell grieving
Out on the bay.

Sun on the grasses and sedges,
Warm cedar tree.
Sun on the red granite ledges
Fog on the sea.


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