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Meditation in the Gutter

ISSUE:  Winter 1996

Of things undescribable!
Things unspeakable!
The scent of summer night.
Rabbit pate made with white Vouvray wine
The flutes in the Andes.
Tree-tops in purple light.

The street was emptying at dusk
Like a fading memory with one golden moment.
The last remaining member of the crowd
Was walking away in a hurry
With hands raised
As if trying to feel the cunning threads
By which he, too, is attached.

I sat leaning against a mailbox
Where years earlier I dropped a love letter.
It was still there whispering to me,
And then it wasn’t.
A silent, sunlit corner, empty
But for a black cat about to cross.
The grave and abstracted air
Of a life still to happen.


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