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Mind Form

ISSUE:  Summer 1981

streaking darkness with effort


If you let July slip away
it chafes like a lover.
Glowworm and lightning storm,

the end is the same the form
I camp here.

Saw-tooth mountains, clove,
they don’t have to come to conclusion
held together by how and when.

Neither one nor the other exists
apart; not to strive after
nor word the first drop rain

but mind what occurs.
Who does not choose is picked.
Or, we could lie down as if

in bed. Timing and Accident.
Everyone I love makes me laugh!
Sprig of faith,

prose of evening,
Praise the Straight Road,
in an open-necked shirt,

Come Home.
I’m willing to lose you
to distraction,

that dog skunked in a shed.
I wear your clothes and wait
while the road-crew readies the night.

Like ideas
distance and pain list toward their opposite,
demand a home,

demand a mind form
power. And sway
knee-deep in a clearing of stars.


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