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New and Noteworthy

ISSUE:  Winter 2004
Alfred Kazin’s America: Critical and Personal Writings. Ed. Ted Solotaroff. HarperCollins, September 2003. $29.95. The best writings of America’s consummate critic, selected and introduced by his most direct heir.

Baghdad Express: A Gulf War Memoir
, by Joel Turnipseed. Penguin, October 2003. $13 (paper). The essential book on the Gulf War, in a revised and expanded paperback.

Blues Poems
. Ed. Kevin Young. Everyman, September 2003. $12.50. One of the most impressive collections in this esteemed series. Not a missed note. Editor featured in this issue.

Common Wealth: Contemporary Poets of Virginia
. Ed. Sarah Kennedy and R. T. Smith. Virginia, September 2003. $19.95 (paper). This collection shows off the breadth of Virginia’s poetry community, but what really impresses is the uniform quality of their distinct voices.

The Just War: An American Reflection on the Morality of War in Our Time
, by Peter S. Temes. Ivan R. Dee, September 2003. $25. It’s hard to imagine a more timely examination of the justifications for war. Should be required reading for those who beat war’s drum.

Night Journey
, by Murad Kalam. Simon & Schuster, October 2003. $23. This is Richard Wright’s Native Son transported into the world of boxing—from a neighborhood gym in Chicago to the corruption of Las Vegas.

The Shadow’s Horse
, by Diane Glancy. Arizona, August 2003. $15.95 (paper). Glancy is best known as a novelist, but this book shows she is a high-caliber poet as well.

Turning Bones
, by Lee Martin. Nebraska, September 2003. $28.95. A moving family history and cultural excavation from the author of Quakertown.

What Is Found There: Notebooks on Poetry and Politics
, by Adrienne Rich. Norton, November 2003. $14.95 (paper). Rich’s classic essays with a new piece on the world after September 11.


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