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Ted Genoways Steps Down to Focus on His Writing Career

PUBLISHED: April 4, 2012

As our readers realize, we underwent a staff transition at VQR over the past two years and at times had only one employee, Ted Genoways, selecting and editing the magazine’s content. Thus, it is remarkable that VQR received three National Magazine Awards nominations this year, including one for general excellence. Today we announce Ted’s resignation to focus on completing book projects and writing for OnEarth, Mother Jones, and Harper’s. As writers ourselves, we understand the importance of Ted following this calling.


Ted Genoways

Ted Genoways


“I look back on my nine years as editor with pride, but I also hope that the new staff will not feel in any way encumbered by that legacy,” Ted said in the University of Virginia announcement. “VQR is theirs to steward and re-imagine now, and I hope they will be able to build on and exceed past successes.”

The VQR staff congratulates Ted on an outstanding editorship. Effective June 1, Donovan Webster will be the interim editor. This summer we will launch a national search to fill the position.

As Ted has said, he did not run VQR alone in 2011. Our contributing editors, guest editors, and far-flung contributors made important contributions to the creative endeavor. The Office of the Vice President of Research provided invaluable support on business, administrative, and other matters over the last couple of years. We’ve appointed a superb new Advisory Board with national scope and broad expertise. And now new VQR colleagues are in place to ensure a smooth transition.

Our staff has been focused on our forthcoming special issue on American poetry—the perfect subject on which to conclude Ted’s tenure. More formal words of appreciation for Ted’s long service and leadership will come closer to May, as we say our farewells. But for now, we commend Ted as an editor and writer and for his singular vision for this magazine.

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