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From Our Vault: Robert Frost

PUBLISHED: December 11, 2008

Frost ExcerptRobert Frost was published in VQR’s pages eleven times during his lifetime, ever since editor James Southall Wilson asked him for a poem to publish, back in 1927 (Frost sent “Acquainted with the Night”). Julia Kudravetz and Jon Schneider put together a history of VQR’s relationship with Robert Frost, with a narrative overview, high-quality scans of the original manuscripts, and the final text, as it appeared in our pages. “Acquainted with the Night,” “Iris by Night,” “The Figure in the Doorway,” “In the Time of Cloudburst,” “The Silken Tent,” “Time Out,” “To a Moth Seen in Winter,” “The Gift Outright,” “Directive,” “The Middleness of the Road,” and “Astrometaphysical” are all included.

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