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Our Wars

ISSUE:  Spring 2012

Curled in curled folders, the last reports were filed
by hands infirm now or gone. The men in the reports
mostly returned home and mostly died quietly.
Others remained for the next war and a few the war after.
Months, even years, go by without our reading
of recovered bones and bits of brass that shone once
on the raked, immaculate parade grounds of another age.
Our current wars and our current dead are the headlines.
Shelves fill with books explaining in cool and novel ways
the wars of our youth, but the immense granite memorials
saying “We will never forget” and “We will always remember”
echo only with admiration for their artistry. The living veterans
are too frail to visit, even the widows are vanishing,
and the young grieve by granite engraved yesterday.


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