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Philip Gould

After a long career as a journalist and foreign service officer on four continents, native Chicagoan Philip Gould turned to writing fiction. Two of his novels have been published by Algonquin. Since the turn of the century he has focused on short stories and short memoirs and seven of these have been published, in The Virginia Quarterly Review and three other leading literary journals. “Gould handles exotic settings and character portrayal with impressive skill.” –Publishers Weekly “Marvelous reportage on some far places.”–Kirkus Reviews He and his wife Molly make their home in Charlottesville, Virginia


A Mediterranean Goddess on the James

Autumn 2002 | Fiction

I sometimes think it may be easier for a Westerner to write about Chinese than for a Northerner to write about Virginians. My wife of 45 years, and the source of this story and its mysteries, is Virginia born and bred. I myself have lived in the Commonwealth a dozen years. Nonetheless, I approach my narrative with some hesitation. I cannot deny it; forever and a day I'll be a transplanted Northerner, never a true Virginian, and I fear there are those who will believe that because of my lack of authentic origins I also lack the credentials to chronicle the history of certain native Virginians I have come to know about.

A Nest of Mares

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Meg O’Fallon

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