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W. D. Wetherell

W. D. Wetherell’s more than fifteen books include the novel Chekhov’s Sister, the novel Morning; the story collection The Man Who Loved Levittown, and the memoir, North of Now. His awards include the National Magazine Award, the Drue Heinz Literary Prize, three O’Henry awards; between 1998-2003 he was the holder of the Strauss LIving from the American Academy of ARts and Letters. 


Hills Like White Hills

Anything high might have taken his son. Transmission lines, a radio tower, trees. Crows even, migrating geese, though it had been late in the year for geese. Ordinary phone lines for that matter. A church steeple, a bullet sent skyward by a disappo [...]

Spitfire Autumn

The funny thing is neither of us had ever seen a Yank before much less danced with one. Here he was, a little dark man on crutches standing in the corner of the pub chewing a chocolate ice cream where what we expected was a tall dreamy cowboy with [...]

If A Woodchuck Could Chuck Wood

They had lasagna for Thanksgiving dinner that year. The meatless kind. From a can. "Nothing like the smell of a good bird in the oven," Mike Senior announced, scraping his boots on the doormat, inhaling. "Uh, Pop?" Janet whispered. "Yes, ma' am? [...]