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New York, I Loved You

ISSUE:  Spring 2014

I loved you, New York.

The way, at first, Tina loved Ike, loved even the winged
Effort of his anger, loved his punch-drunk backhand in flight,

Loved even the Staten Island of him, his absurd cost
Of living, his paper bag-Thunderbird heart in the Bowery;

The way Sid loved Nancy, loved her hard-break Lexington Ave, 
Loved her spine wet with August effort and dead eyes dying 

In the Chelsea Hotel—I loved you—though it’s easy to see 
My love was unrequited as a Queens-bound 7, late 

On a Sunday night. I loved you, New York and when I did
I was a coin falling from the hand above water, 

I was a lost spoon in the weeds of East Harlem, I was 
Blur and bother, Bed-Stuy to Morningside, and I loved you 

Even leaving. 


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