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The Girls

ISSUE:  Summer 2014

That day the boys
took us quickly.
They took us calmly.
It was not in our beds
or in the backseat 
of a car or in a field
on a blanket.
They took us
with the magnificence
of their bodies.
They did not know 
that when we watched
them make a play with skill and grace,
like a player mastering
the chess pieces on a board, silent
guardians of their own 
sacred positions, 
they had us.
Their bodies
were like fortresses,
their minds 
half-barred windows.
They took us with intensity.
They took us
eager and as they took us
we knew we were different.
What we liked most
was their strength,
the throbbing 
muscles in their necks, 
the way their callused
hands gripped
the bat, ready to bear down,
ready to get some.
They did not know
it was enough to 
find us with their eyes
across the field 
behind the gated fence
when the air smelled
of manure and rotting grass
when we did not yet
know we wanted them.


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