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Ars Poetica as Reconstruction

ISSUE:  Winter 2015

I write in time to break 
into timelessness.

I write for a worldview, so I always 
want a literature of experience 

that presents me with the borderless.
What I write to is a lost world, 

a lost village, a black-and-white photograph
loved in its time-softened tones

with people still alive there:
gray men mouthing their captured laughter

ringing through the decades,
village women in their fashion, the held morals, 

the values that last, the things 
humans made of enduring meaning.

Let me tell you what we cherished. 
I write to recognize and hold on. I write for wholeness.

I write to live through time
and breathe life into that time again. 

Oh, slow-losing world of worth and stability, 
I write to rescue. 


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