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I and Thou

ISSUE:  Winter 1973


How I hate you tonight!
I tick off
the bumps on your back,
your hangnails, the acid
smell of your sweat.
You corrode my skin.
Who let you in?
When did you grow that nose?
You changed your name.
Of course you’re to blame.
You don’t know me,
you don’t know me.


For your information, my toes
are rosebuds
of superior breeding.

Yours are tough,
misshapen by shoes.

And how did you ever get
tobacco stains
on the bottoms of your feet?


The Princess
picked up the Little Green Frog
spotted ugh! all over
and threw it wham! just as
hard as she could
at the castle wall.

“Here’s your chance!”
she cried.
“Now become
a prince.”


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