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Site of Future Construction

ISSUE:  Summer 1970

If there are churches
This is where a church might be,
A theatre if there are theatres, or
A store. Will it occupy
An entire acre or only
The space above the grave-sized hollow
Stashed with jutting abutments?

Perhaps a mortuary (if there is death),
Recessed from the pavement,
To which a canvas canopy—closed
On either side—conducts.
A sundial is required though not referred to:
We have watches. Music and the scent
Of flowers enter by a conduit.

Why not a structure with a purpose:
A museum of mirrors, a bank
To whose vaults we are offered, at birth,
The combination? The site
Of construction of the future,
Strictly off limits, is picketed
By griffins and graffiti.


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