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Fisher King

PUBLISHED: August 20, 2015

The tall Fijian spears a giant turtle
And hurls him down upon the foaming breakers;
Then rides him over gardens green and fertile
Past huge marine toadstools and pepper-shakers.

What elegance in that superb design,
What native mastery of nerve and eye!
Along the shore, a plumed and nodding line
Of fine-ribbed, slender palm trees flanks the sky.

The waiting island there, an open leaf,
Hangs trembling on the waves, the heavens crack;
While breakers climb the bone-white coral reef,
Triumphantly he rides the ocean back.

So seeing him, I see again at dawn,
Beyond the wild blue boundaries of night,
His image, from the dark unconscious drawn,
Come shimmering and meaningful to light.


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