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What She Didn’t Leave

ISSUE:  Spring 2017

Dear friend, dear fearless        reader, dear soft spot, dear        drummer’s
Backstage sweat-soaked T-shirt        kiss, dear one                  sweet     world-without

-End, dear if you             find this, dear feckless, damned darkness,        dear friendless
Foundling pitbull & your shredded        fleece bed, dear pitiful                 scrawl, stained 

Spiral-frayed paper-edge, inked back                & front, I love you two-
Fold, it’s like I was born to        ballet-bend back into you,        to fold myself until my 

Wrist tendons rise up under         my comfortable skin, when you’re          cornered
Your back’s up against two walls,                 your booze is talking, your creatures 

Comfort you, I’ll walk you            through it dear, tend to all       the back rent
I owe you,      I’ll owe you one, if you’re reading             this, then you know now, dear 

It’s like I was born     to break      into other people’s houses,              I was born to crawl
Into other people’s  beds, I tried each thing,  dear fable, only some were flammable & 

Lonely, only one could        conjugate me        into my better halves, I’ve got half
A mind for playing tricks,    I’ve got an eye      for sparrows, I’m spoiling for the last

Word, dear feed me             my line, oh I will miss our double        features, dear
Movies, your silver         reels          can’t frame me anymore, dear movies      your scrim 

Is showing, your director’s cuts       have burgundy-ed the floor,   love leave the lights
Low, oh I wouldn’t       say I’m sorry, exactly            I won’t be back until I come back 

For you, dear easy way         out, dear        selfless hallway, doorless        fact, faithless
Latch, always protect your own       neck, dear       remember to thank me      for leaving

Just before       all the engineers & artists invented       too many ways to       remember
Too much, dear        chaser, last call,        dear collarbone, you don’t have to go home.



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Wow's picture
Wow · 3 years ago

Thank you Amy

The rythm and feel of this, heart-wrenching, piece leaves me breathless.


Duncan A


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