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Ephraim Asili, Forged Ways, 2010, 15 mins.

ISSUE:  Winter 2019

The sound from some other kind of space or 
craft and foot           set in a downtown, US           shots
into windows                            where flowers and mannequins 
             with shots of                                                   impoverished
             behind, walking                                             downtown 
             moves between that and a Caribbean (?)
nation. Ducks, pigeons.           I’m almost certainty
                                  the other places the
                                  flag is in the clip you took) 
                                  as we see from vehicle
the roadway and house and building alongside it 
             (I’m not certain but the title of
and the castle bring me to think of colonialism and/as 
the environments in which                 ways of life are forged)
The sound of           moving through it, the sound of 
photos taken                             finally arrives home
where his white girlfriend                                     takes photos the two 
of them lounge                         She puts up          cutouts,
                                                    religious sits, worship in 
the other nation and constant roadways
and cars       behind a chant      in another language—the other location 
is this Ethiopia and you were right about Harlem)


Material in this poem is sourced from Forged Ways.


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