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Jim Limber Refuses to Enter Heaven until He Has Lived a Happy Life

ISSUE:  Winter 2019

I got to Heaven and I won’t believe it

’Cause nobody in Heaven’s gonna make 

A fool of me        I told them Send me back 

If you’re good angels like they got in Heaven

I told them        Send me back and I’ll

Believe you when I wake up        in good boots

Since I never had good boots        I’m wait-

ing on those good boots still        I’m waiting still


For them to send me back I’m waiting        to wake up        I told

Them        and at first they smiled

And said it slower like I hadn’t heard

But now they just don’t talk to me        I’m standing

Outside the gates and shouting I ain’t fooled

If I’ve earned my reward        where is the life where I can spend it


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